The great eco adventure

“I really felt we were on another planet. All of a sudden, nature is in charge everywhere.” – Manu Bouvet on the mangroves in Costa Rica

Surrounded by the azure waters of Maui in Hawaii, professional board riders Manu Bouvet, Carine Camboulives and their two adventurous daughters have crafted a harmonious existence in sync with nature. Alongside tending to their old water lily farm and spending time in the ocean, this dynamic family embarks on a remarkable journey around the world, presenting their eco-ride film series, "The Green Wave”. Dedicated to raising awareness about the pressing challenges of our time, they explore captivating and exotic destinations like French Polynesia and the enigmatic Easter Island.

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Breathtaking landscapes, engaging stories

In the latest episode of “The Green Wave”, the family takes us to Costa Rica – a small Central American country with a big heart, containing more than five percent of the world’s biodiversity. Being an unparalleled destination for eco-tourism, wildlife enthusiasts, and ocean lovers, Costa Rica is also surrounded by unstable nations and extreme poverty – a direct contrast to the dreamy beaches and natural attractions.

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Meeting the people who take action

Costa Rica is located on one of the most sensitive migration routes on the planet, and numerous families in the region require assistance. Stepping up to the challenge, CEPIA, a national non-profit organization established in 2005, is actively empowering underprivileged communities in Guanacaste by focusing on various aspects such as culture, education, health, and social cohesion. As the globetrotter family learns more
about the organization and its volunteers, the huge impact of CEPIA becomes evident. Of course, the trip also includes finding the perfect surf spot and exploring the mighty mangroves!