Save Our Soils

Industrial farming is harming our soil and climate. Experts say we might run out of good soil in 60 years, and traditional farming is a big part of the climate crisis.

Regenerative Organic Certified®
farming is a powerful solution that promotes soil health, ethical treatment of animals, and supports farmers. Additionally, it captures carbon, enhances community well-being, and improves crop quality. Let’s dive deeper into these magical practices.

Soil is like the Earth’s version of a diverse ecosystem, similar to the variety found in the human microbiome. Depleted soils jeopardize natural balance, impacting crop productivity, food availability, and resources for clothing. The holistic approach of regenerative organic farming focuses on keeping the soil healthy, while also ensuring the well-being of farmers and high standards for animal welfare. These practices include cover cropping, crop rotation, low-to no-till methods, composting, and avoiding the use of persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Agricultural communities benefit greatly as they become more resilient to climate changes.

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Regenerative Organic Certified®practices at play

A force for the future

Regenerative Organic Certified® stands as a groundbreaking certification, building upon the USDA Certified Organic baseline. It sets the global benchmark for soil health, farmworker fairness, and animal welfare – ensuring the highest standards. Established
in 2017, this global certification addresses climate change, factory farming, and rural economic challenges.

The Regenerative Organic Certified® initiative is led and overseen by the nonprofit Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA), bringing together experts in farming, ranching, soil health, animal welfare, and fair labor to ensure the planet’s well-being.

Did you know? Regenerative organic farming enhances food security, conserves water, and increases carbon storage. It also stops the spread of desertification and helps prevent deforestation, which are major threats to the climate.

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Steady as a ROC™

KnowledgeCotton Apparel has never steered away from its route. We are now licensed by the Regenerative Organic Alliance to produce clothing made from Regenerative Organic Certified® cotton – something very few companies in our industry have achieved. This shows that our many initiatives truly matter.

397 farming families and counting 

Being a company that depends largely on cotton production, we fully embrace the concept of organic farming and do everything in our power to speed up the global development.

As of today, KnowledgeCotton Apparel has supported 397 cotton farming families in the villages of the Adilabad district in India in achieving the highest organic standard: Regenerative Organic Certified®. Yet, our work has just begun. Our future mission is to, village by village, support another 800 farms in converting to Regenerative Organic Certified® cotton farming.

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A pioneer still going strong

On the topic of organic practices, one of the most inspiring people we know happens to be a 65-year-old farming lady in the district of Adilabad, India. As holder of six acres of dryland, Lachu Bai is the primary bread earner in her family. After conventional farming had led her in debt, Lachu Bai made a formal commitment to organic farming by joining Chetna and becoming a certified organic farmer in 2007. Recognizing the numerous advantages of organic practices, she was the first one to adopt the Regenerative Organic Certified® cotton certification when it was introduced.

Over the past years, Lachu Bai has saved enough money to start building a small house for herself and her family. With the income from organic cotton and other crops, she has also purchased two oxen for agricultural work and covered the expenses for her son’s wedding. Her dedication not only sustains her near ones but also serves as a testament to the positive impact these agricultural practices can have on both individual farmers and their communities.

“Organic and Fairtrade certification gives us a better rate for our cotton. Since I’m doing everything myself, and don't have many expenses, whatever I get is my own profit.”
– Lachu Bai

Among many other initiatives, we believe that regenerative organic practices have the power to set the planet on the right course. Our aim is to make all our cotton products 100% Regenerative Organic Certified®.

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